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4 NICU - PICU - INFANT EVACUATION * Baskets and Racks sold separately, not included in Storage Devices. 800 GRAMS- 800 POUNDS IV / ACCESSORY POLE RACK OXYGEN HOLDER BUCKLES ONTO EACH END OF EVAC RACK PORTABLE RACK SYSTEM FITS IN STORAGE BAG WITH SHOULDER STRAP STORAGE COMPARTMENT UNDERNEATH SINGLE RACK HOLDS (6) EVAC BASKETS (CAN BE SOLD SEPARATELY) COMPACT RACK SYSTEM FOLDS TO 9"W X 40"L X 8"H No assembly required, easily deploys in less than 1 minute Baskets simply slide on and lock securely to the Rack Single Rack holds six Evacuation Baskets (can be sold separately) Comes with (4) IV / Accessory Poles Eliminates the need to have infant beds at the alternative care site Waist-high for easy accessibility to babies Durable forged aluminum…holds up to 600 lbs. Decon Capable Evac Basket(s) & Rack Storage Device* 34 1 /2"W x 41"H x 8 1 /2"D #MSSDEB6R Med Sled® Rack Oxygen Holder Set (2 per Set) (Can be sold separately) Accommodates (3) Size D or E Cylinders per Holder #MSO2HLD-SET #MSEB-RACK Med Sled® Evac Basket Rack System 39"W x 80"L x 39"H (1 set of 4 IV / Accessory Poles Included) N I C U W E L L B A B Y Evacuation Basket and Rack System Utilized for evacuation of high risk and NICU infants requiring safe, secure and hands-free carrying Allows for high frequency ventilation and medical attention Holds IV bags and life-sustaining equipment No assembly required, lightweight and decon capable O2 Evac Pack accommodates either size D or E O2 cylinder with regulator or additional medical equipment to transport during an evacuation Simple to put on (backpack style) - connects directly to basket Hands Free Med Sled® Evac Basket (Harness Not Shown) 13"W x 24"L x 7"H #MSEB-W/ HAR EXPANDABLE 5" BOTTOM ALLOWS FOR EXTRA STORAGE & ADDED SAFETY EVACUATION BASKET WITH OPTIONAL O2 EVAC PACK (as shown) EVAC BASKET RACK SYSTEM EVAC BASKET & RACK PACKAGES AVAILABLE RACK OXYGEN HOLDER ATTACHES HERE EVAC BASKET & RACK PACKAGES AVAILABLE Med Sled® O2 Evac Pack (Can be sold separately) Accommodates Size D or E O2 Cylinder #MSEB-W/O2EP

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